Write Novels Fast

Write Novels Fast: Writing Fast With Art Journaling


Do you envy prolific writers who seem to pump out multiple novels per year while you struggle to finish one or two?Are you already fairly prolific and want to become more so?Are you a pantser who suffers from writer's block and finds plotting abhorrent?Or are you a plotter who tends to get lost in the minutiae of plotting?This is the book for you!With a unique take on art journaling, international best selling author Shéa MacLeod shows you how to increase your writing speed so you can get out more novels faster. WITHOUT the quality suffering.

Write Novels Fast: Down and Dirty Draft


Are you baffled by how some authors can write six, eight, or more novels while you struggle with one? Are you stuck on that first chapter, writing and rewriting until it’s perfect?

Are you lost in a never ending loop of research before you put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen)?

Then this is the book for you!

Discover how to get that first down and dirty draft done so you can write more, write faster, and still turn out great stories.