Notting Hill Diaries

The Art of Kissing Frogs


Bad dates? Kate’s had ‘em. As an American in London she’s discovered not every Englishman is Tom Hiddleston. There was the guy who wanted to suck her toes in public, and the guy who thought he was an alien. As in the kind from outer space.

Broken heart? Kate’s been there. After her husband left her for a hot Brazilian, her world came crashing down. Her heart and her confidence pretty much got thrown in a blender set to “chop.” Her only options were to run home to America with her tail between her legs, or put on her big girl panties and get on with life. She chose the latter.

Faith in men? Surprisingly restored by the dreamy Adam Wentworth whose kindness and wicked sense of humor send Kate’s damaged heart fluttering once again. After kissing so many frogs, she’s determined not to let this prince get away.

Get lost in this sweet, feel-good romantic comedy.

To Kiss a Prince


Anna’s life has fallen apart. First, she gets fired and then she finds her boyfriend in bed with the neighbor. When she is offered a job across the Pond, Anna jumps at the chance to leave everything behind and start again.

Even though her new boss, Bella, thinks she is beneath her, Anna finds herself enjoying her new life as the nanny to very adorable twin boys. What Anna isn’t expecting is Evander. He would be the perfect man for her if not for one pesky problem. He is the twins’ uncle and therefore off limits.

Too bad Evander didn’t get the memo. Notting Hill is nothing short of magical as Valentine’s Day approaches and anything is possible as Evander sets out to win the love of the nanny who has stolen his heart.

Get lost in this sweet, feel-good romantic comedy!

(Note: This is the second edition and contains extended material from the original.)

Kiss Me, Chloe


Unlucky in love? That’s Chloe. She’s got a list of crazy dates and nutty suitors a mile long. If only she could break the cycle just once and find her Mr. Right.

Shattered dreams? Maybe. But Chloe isn’t the type to give up on love. Not to mention, there’s that sexy jazz musician she keeps running into…

Second chances? If she can get over her own insecurities about dating, she might just find out that Mr. Right is right under her nose.

Kiss Me, Stupid


After hitting the big 4-oh, Deb hits an all-time low. Her job sucks, her love life is non-existent, and she’s tired of living in a small market town. So, she does what any woman of sense would do: quits her job, sells her house, and gets a life. What she doesn’t expect is the attention of a very hot younger man. And the only chance she has for happiness is to get over herself and take a chance, even if it does seem stupid. 

Kissing Mr. Darcy


Like half the women in the known universe, Emma Roberts is in love with Mr. Darcy. When the opportunity to live in London presents itself, she jumps at the chance determined to find her own Mr. Darcy. Alas, the road to true love isn’t quite as smooth as one might hope. 

Nik Archer is no Mr. Darcy. Sure, he’s sexy as all get out, but he doesn’t quite fit the bill. Still, Emma can’t help but be drawn to him even though she knows it will never work.