Lady Rample Mysteries

Lady Rample Steps Out

Book 1

When Lady Rample steps out, murder steps in.LadyRample finds herself at odds after the death of her husband until her best friend drags her to a hot new jazz club in the heart of London. As if being wooed by two handsome men isn’t enough, Lady R finds herself embroiled in the murder of one of the club’s owners.Bored with her aristocratic life and irked that the police have arrested the wrong suspect, Lady R decides to turn lady detective. With her eccentric Aunt Butty in tow, Lady R scours London for clues. If she’s lucky she’ll find the killer before the killer finds her.From the author of the Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries comes the first book in the Lady Rample Mysteries set in jazz-era London.

Lady Rample Spies A Clue

Book 2

A house party in Devon, England takes a turn for the murderous.

Lady Rample and her eccentric Aunt Butty escape the broiling heat of a London summer for the cooler climes of the English countryside. But the idyllic holiday is not all cocktails and lawn croquet. And when a man is found dead in their host’s study, she knows there’s more going on than a simple break-in.

With spies lurking in the bushes, her maid locked up in the local jail, and danger at every turn, Lady Rample is not one to give up or give in when there’s a mystery afoot. Armed with cocktails, lipstick, and plenty of sex appeal, she’s going to catch the spies, solve the murder, and set things right. Unless the killer gets to her first.

From the author of Lady Rample Steps Out comes the delightful second installment of the Lady Rample Mysteries set in 1930s jazz-era London.


Lady Rample and the Silver Screen

Book 3

When an invitation to a Hollywood wedding arrives in London, Lady Rample and Aunt Butty are living the glamorous life among the rich and famous in California. But when their movie producer host is found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot, they find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving a silver screen starlet, a conniving butler, and kidnapping gangsters!

Suspicious from the start, Lady Rample is determined to prove that their friend didn’t commit suicide. Unfortunately, proving murder might end in another murder…her own.

Lose yourself in 1930s Hollywood with the latest installment of the popular historical cozy mystery series, Lady Rample Mysteries.

Lady Rample Sits In

Book 4

At long last, Lady Rample is about to reunite with her paramour, the American jazz musician, Hale Davis. But, as usual for our intrepid heroine, her arrival in the French Riviera doesn’t go to plan!

Laid up with a concussion thanks to a water-skiing incident, Lady Rample discovers that her aristocratic neighbor isn’t quite what he seems. With the help of the usual eccentrics, she’s going to find the truth and prove he’s up to no good. Unless he gets to her first…

Lose yourself in the glamor of the 1930s with the fourth installment of the popular historical cozy mystery series, Lady Rample Mysteries.

Lady Rample and the Ghost of Christmas Past

Book 5

When Aunt Butty gets an idea in her head, there is simply no stopping her. At least, Lady Rample has never found a way. And what Aunt Butty wants is a proper, old-fashioned English country Christmas. So it’s no surprise when Lady Rample finds herself celebrating the holidays deep in the Cotswolds. And naturally, Aunt Butty requires everything to be perfect, from the Yule log to the wassail.

Unfortunately, the two women get more than they bargain for when a visitor from Lady Rample’s past follows her from London, intent on wreaking havoc.

Lady Rample and Cupid's Kiss

Book 6

Just when Lady Rample has given up on love, a former flame reappears, bringing with him all sorts of emotions she thought buried. Unfortunately, that flame comes with one very aggressive and rather angry almost-ex-wife. The ensuing catfight is almost worth the price of admission.

When the ex-wife is found dead in Hyde Park, stabbed with a hatpin in the shape of a heart, the police naturally assume the killer is the husband. Our intrepid heroine is not about to allow her love to go down for a crime he didn’t commit. Unfortunately, proving him innocent may put her own neck on the line.

Never one to shirk from danger, Lady R—with the help of her eccentric Aunt Butty—will need all her wits about her if she’s to solve the crimes of the Cupid Killer.

Lady Rample and the Mysterious Mr. Singh

Book 7

When a twenty-year-old letter reappears hinting at clues to a crime, Mr. Singh hires Lady Rample to help him solve the mystery.

Never one to pass up a good adventure, Lady Rample heads to Brighton with Mr. Singh and her Aunt Butty to discover the truth behind the death of the woman he loved. Naturally no adventure would be complete without being held at gunpoint, kidnapped, and threatened.

Lady Rample will need to use every advantage at her disposal to unravel the secrets of the past and catch the killer.

Enjoy the glitz and glamor of the 1930s with the seventh book in the popular historical cozy mystery series, Lady Rample Mysteries.

Lady Rample and the Haunted Manor

Book 8

When Lola Burns lands on Lady Rample’s London doorstep, begging her to throw a Halloween party, there’s not much to do but oblige. Especially when Aunt Butty gets involved. Naturally, that means a trip to an abandoned manor house that comes complete with its own ghosts.

However, the glamorous costume party soon turns into something more deadly when one of the guests is poisoned. With spirits running amok, starlets going missing, and threatening letters popping up willy nilly, will Lady Rample ever reveal the truth behind the haunting of America’s favorite movie star?

Enjoy the latest Lady Rample Mystery, a humorous and ghostly Halloween cozy mystery set in 1930s England.