Angel's Fall

Angel'sFall | Shea MacLeod

Angel's Fall

Book 1

“The moment our eyes locked something passed between us. Something far deeper than anything I’d ever known. It was as if she marked me. Made me hers. Forever.” 

As a guardian angel, Raphael has one duty: Protect his charge. Anything more is forbidden and love holds the direst consequences of all. But the day he meets his new assignment, Sarah, he finds himself willing to risk everything for just one touch. 

“You saved me,” I whispered. “Thank you.” 

A look I couldn’t describe crossed his face. “Always.” 

After escaping from an abusive relationship, Sarah is barely holding on. Then she begins to hear the voice, feel the touch, of a man who isn’t there. A man who, for a short time, makes her forget her pain. Maybe losing her sanity isn’t so bad after all.