Sunwalker Saga : Witch Blood


Book 1

A Powerful Witch 

Emory Chastain is more than a curvaceous redhead with an affinity for herbs and spices. She’s a Spellwalker: one of the most powerful Witches of the modern era. Only two people know her secret: her best friends, Lene and Veri. But when a strange madness afflicts seemingly unrelated people in their funky little corner of Portland, turning ordinary citizens into raving beasts, Emory and her friends must risk discovery to help the humans who don’t even know they exist.

A Guardian of Atlantis

Handsome warrior Noah Leveau once guarded the last King of Atlantis. A near-immortal who’s outlived everyone he ever loved, Noah hates his long, lonely existence. But when he comes to Portland to say goodbye, he’s drawn into the mysterious doings of Emory Chastain and her coven. One look, and he can’t turn away. A few moments in her presence, and he’s already in too deep. Suddenly immortality doesn’t seem so bad—if he can manage to keep Emory from learning his secret.


Book 2

She Speaks to the Dead

Lene Davenport is unique in the magical community. She’s a Deathwalker: a witch who can sense death and speak to the deceased. It’s not fun having ghosts show up in your bedroom, so Lene does her best to avoid her gift. Unfortunately, Fate has other ideas and she is forced into using her powers in order to find a serial killer who is stalking members of the supernatural community.

He’s Not What He Seems

Lucien Antonelli is the rarest of the rare: a male Witchblood with real power. But all of his power can’t help him protect his people and when he meets Lene Davenport he realizes it’s not just his life that’s at stake. It’s also his heart.


Book 3

She Witnesses Murder

Veronique "Veri" Leveau has a problem. Visions are a natural side effect of a Mistwalker (a witch with powers of telepathy), but lately her visions have become increasingly terrifying. She's witnessing murder...from inside the mind of a killer. A killer hell bent on draining the life force of every supernatural in Portland.

He Kills For His King

Vane is the Dragon King's Assassin. He's also got a problem and her name is Veronique Leveau. He loathes witches. Unfortunately, if he's going to stop a serial killer, he's going to have to work with a witch whether he likes it or not.


Book 4

She Dreams of Death

Mia Chance is haunted. Every night while she sleeps, she dreams of death. An evil witch is preying on the minds of the weak, torturing them until they die. And Mia might be the only one who can stop her. If she doesn't get distracted by the sexy sunwalker sent to help her find the killer.

He's a Former Viking

In over a thousand years, Viking sunwalker Haakon Magnussen has never met a woman like Mia. And now that she's back in Portland, he might finally have a chance with her. Until his past rears its ugly head, threatening not just her life, but that of everyone he knows.