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Shéa MacLeod - Author

Deepwood Witches Mysteries Series Bundle (EBOOK)

Deepwood Witches Mysteries Series Bundle (EBOOK)

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Welcome to Deepwood, Oregon. 

A cozy, magical town. A coven of powerful witches. A killer on the loose. 

This amazing set includes 6 witchy stories that will keep you turning the pages long into the night! 


Potions, Poisons, and Peril: 

Emory Chastain, owner of Healing Herbs, sells everything from love potions to herbal tea blends. She is also the most powerful witch of the modern era. When a stranger drops dead in her shop, Emory is left with no choice but to investigate.

Enlisting the help of her friends and the very handsome Noah, she soon discovers that someone is using magic to poison people, turning them stark-raving mad. The clock is ticking, can Emory stop the killer? Or will time run out for the residents of Deepwood?
Wisteria, Witchery, and Woe: 

Lene Davenport is unique in the magical community. She can sense when Death approaches and communicate with those who have passed beyond the veil. It’s not fun having ghosts show up in your bedroom, so Lene does her best to avoid her gift.

Unfortunately, Fate has other ideas. A killer is stalking the paranormal community, and she must either use her powers in order to find and stop them, or risk losing those she loves.

Magic, Moonlight, and Murder:

Veri Leveau lived a long, magical life before settling in the friendly town of Deepwood. Now she spends her days helping women find their inner goddesses, indulging in the most divine donuts on the planet, and practicing the Craft with her witch sisters.

Everything seems downright perfect until her mind is invaded with visions of murder. A supernatural serial killer is hunting witches, and she’s next.

Dreams, Divination, and Danger:

Mia Chance has a special kind of magic. One she could happily do without. Every night while she sleeps, she dreams of death. An evil witch is preying on the minds of innocents and Mia might be the only one who can stop her. If she doesn't get distracted by a certain handsome immortal sent by the Witch Council to solve the murders plaguing Deepwood.

She’s never met anyone like Tyr Oden. And while she doesn’t need his help solving the case, she doesn’t mind having him around. Until his past rears its ugly head, threatening not just her life, but that of everyone she knows.

Alchemy, Arsenic, and Alibis:

As a witch, Edwina Gale has been tasked with keeping those secrets. Purloined donuts, coven meetings, and ancient Egyptian gods run amok are all in a day’s work as far as she’s concerned. But all her carefully laid plans unravel when the chief of police blackmails her into helping him solve a mystery, and she finds herself on the wrong end of magic gone awry.

Crystals, Cauldrons, and Crimes:

Edwina Gale started every morning for twenty years with a maple bacon donut. Until the day the donut maker disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving Edwina sans donut and with a mystery on her hands. Supernatural citizens are disappearing from the magical town of Deepwood during the full moon and it’s her job to find out why.

Add in an abandoned manor, a string of burglaries, and a delightfully delicious detective, and it may be a while before Edwina gets her donut.

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