Aged to Perfection: Paranormal Women's Fiction Romance Collection

Aged to Perfection

Aged to Perfection: A Magical Paranormal Women's Fiction Romance Collection

Featuring 19 all new tales spotlighting women forty and over having the time of their midlife.

Those aren't gray hairs, they're strands of glitter letting the world know you're fabulous. So adjust your crown and join us as we celebrate women who are fabulous, over forty, and aged to perfection in this magical paranormal women's fiction romance collection. Includes stories from some of today's top PWF authors, NY Times and USA TODAY bestsellers, as well as new emerging voices in the genre.

Includes brand new never before released stories from:

Mandy M. Roth

Michelle M. Pillow

Robyn Peterman

Kristen Painter

Yasmine Galenorn

Milly Taiden

Renee George

Jenna Rivers

Reggi Dupree

Shéa MacLeod

Christine Gael

Charise M. Studesville

Christine Zane Thomas

Macy Dixon

Stephanie Berchiolly

Nicole Rosas

Bobby Leigh

Jade Greenberg

Aaron M. Cabrera

Shéa MacLeod--Day of the Were-Jackal

Edwina Gale is used to tracking down supernatural bad guys, but when her romantic weekend is interrupted by the murder of a drag queen, can she solve the crime before an innocent person is convicted?

Mandy M. Roth--Running with the Devil

When a gubernatorial candidate comes through the doors of a small magic shop, claiming he was mystically framed for murder, a witch has to decide if she can put their past behind her and help.

Michelle M. Pillow--Merely Mortal

Tamara, a mere mortal, desperately enlists the help of a self-proclaimed ghost hunter when an age-old curse begins claiming the lives of her supernatural siblings.

Robyn Peterman--My Big Fat Hairy Wedding

A forty-something Shifter supermodel, five supernaturally screwed-up bridesmaids, and a demonic mother of the groom determined to ruin the wedding. This marriage is going to Hell. Literally.

Kristen Painter--Code Name: Mockingbird

This story contains vampires, kissing, cats, and shape-shifting secret agents. What else do you need to know?

Yasmine Galenorn--Weaver's Web

Paranormal investigator and witch January Jaxson, and her wolf-shifter boyfriend Killian O’Connell, take a vacation for Valentine’s Day and find themselves in a search for their hostess’s missing sister.

Milly Taiden--Surviving Midlife

Sophie never expected to be rewarded for being the perfect wife and mom for two decades—but she also never expected to be kicked to the curb either!

Renee George--The Age of Inno-Scents (Nora BlackSeries)

A fun '80s-themed mystery event takes a deadly turn when Nora Black's psychic nose sniffs out a real murderous plot.

Jenna Rivers--Spell of a Time

You have to be a total witch to survive dating in your forties

Reggi Dupree--Midlife Collision

A newly single woman recovering from betrayal discovers no one is who they seem in Hoodoo, Texas—especially her new dog.

Christine Gael--The Bargain

When she strikes a deal with a nefarious stranger to save her granddaughter’s life, Inez Walthrop is dragged into a world of werewolves, vampires, and monster-hunters that she thought only existed in her nightmares.

Charise M. Studesville--The Perks of Being A Hoodoo Rose

In a small Midwestern town, one sister takes over the family hoodoo business and must break a centuries-old hex that threatens to prevent the women in their family from finding lasting love.

Christine Zane Thomas--A Touch of Twilight

A second chance with a first love comes with a ghostly price.

Macy Dixon--Midlife Shelf Life

Life was all books and tea and frosty autumn days until Emmaline Fox had a magickal hot flash that changed her life…

Stephanie Berchiolly--Train Bound to Forty

A force of nature unto herself, Florebelle Fairfield, must face a magical destiny she was never prepared for.

Nicole Rosas--Eternal

A last-minute whirlwind trip changes everything this forty-two-year-old thought she knew about herself and life.

Bobby Leigh--Snow Hill: Hexed On A Feeling

When emotions heat, so does she.

Jade Greenberg--Magic Takes Manhattan

One intoxicating New Yorker, a lifelong curse, and a splash of magic make an unforgettable midlife cocktail.

Aaron M. Cabrera--The Invention of Magic

After inadvertently summoning a demon, Jinx must now stop the evil that possessed her best friend from killing her ex.